Alan Wake: Episode 3

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Alan Wake 3

So I finally got back into Alan Wake. After the first couple episodes, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep playing the game, but surprisingly, episode three turned out to be much more enjoyable than the first two. You start off heading over to Rose the waitress’ trailer. She drugs you and the creepy old lady that keeps popping up says some nonsense, and then you wake up. For some unknown reason, the cops are outside the trailer park and they’re after you. Alan has to run into the woods to escape and chaos ensues.

There’s a lot of opportunity to drive vehicles in episode three. There is a truck, a jeep, an SUV, and an old sedan. It’s weird, but while the game appears to be set during in the late 2000’s, all the vehicles in the game seem to be from the 1970’s. Driving in Alan Wake isn’t a pleasant experience though. The one nice part about vehicles in the game is they make a nice weapon for running over The Taken. But when you’re escaping in a car or trying to navigate a winding mountain road, the awful handling makes Grand Theft Auto feel like Burnout Paradise.

You get a few new weapons in episode three. You first get flashbang grenades, which are pretty great. You can take out four Taken or so, and there’s even an achievement for that. You also get access to the pump-shotgun, which lets you fire off a few more rounds before having to reload and there’s the hunting rifle, which is guaranteed to take down any enemy with just one shot.

There are a lot of non-human enemies in episode three however. The “evil force” that is causing people to become The Taken starts knocking over trees and throwing inanimate objects at you. At one point, it picks up a train and chucks it at you. Luckily, there’s an indestructible shed that the massive locomotive can’t penetrate, so you just hide inside the shed and shoot at the train until all the evil possessing it dissipates. It’s dumb.

I’m finally starting to enjoy Alan Wake. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s happening in this town, even if the acting is awful and the combat is annoying.