Two Awesome Plugins for Vim

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I found two Vim plugins this morning that I’m in love with. They’re both made by the same guy and he’s my hero for this week. The first plugin is a replacement for Vundle he calls “Plug”. It works essentially the same as Vundle, except it uses the keyword Plug instead of Plugin. It has the same kind of install, update, and clean functions as well. It feels a twinge faster when you’re installing plugins and it has a handy counter at the top of the window letting you know how many plugins (of how many total) you’ve installed so far during the installation process. It’s written in Ruby, and I’m betting Vundle is written in Vimscript, so that might be why it feels faster.

Update: 2014-06-20

I got some clarification about why Plug is faster than Vundle from Plug’s developer, Junegunn Choi.

vim-plug can be faster than Vundle because it launches multiple git pull processes using Ruby threads, while Vundle, written in Vimscript which has no notion of thread, cannot do so and has to install/update plugins one by one.


The second plugin isn’t exclusively a Vim plugin, but it’s got Vim integration baked in. It’s another Ruby program from the same developer called FZF. FZF gives you the ability to do Ctrlpesque fuzzy searching of your command line history in the shell and when you run :FZF from inside Vim, it will fuzzy search through your project folder to match files. It’s non-blocking, so that pause you get when you start a search in Ctrlp or Ctrlspace doesn’t happen. There are options to make FZF use ag instead of find too for another speed boost.