My Old Fridge

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My post about my old suitcase was getting lonely so I decided to write about my old refrigerator as well. While the suitcase was bad enough, the old refrigerator has an even longer, even sadder history. I bought this fridge when I moved into my apartment. It was purchased used and lasted about 4 years before it expired. Before its untimely demise, it was actually relegated to the “drink fridge” when my ex-girlfriend’s mother gave me a slightly newer and better (but still used) fridge. I had two fridges. It’s kind of a rich man/poor man scenario. A rich man has two on opposite ends of the house — the poor man has two almost side-by-side.

Even while it was still working, I knew this thing had to go. It was taking up precious space in my tiny Japanese apartment and I didn’t really need a separate fridge for beer and ice cream. At one point, my ex-girlfriend’s father offered to take it off my hands, but through a bit of a language error, I thought he wanted me to pay him to dispose of it, even though he was actually offering to take it away for free.

After that, I had another chance to get ride of it for just ¥3000 when the electronics store I bought my TV from said they’d take it away for a small fee. I thought I could still sell it, so I passed on their offer. And then it died. Now it was worthless and there’s no chance of me selling it. I called the city dump and they wouldn’t take it for any amount of money.

Finally, last year, I happened to be walking past a recycled office supply shop and noticed they did electronics recycling. The said they’d dispose of my old fridge at a cost of over ¥6000. I decided to just bite the bullet and get rid of the old piece of junk. What could’ve gotten thrown out for free four years prior wound up cluttering my home and my mind for years and cost me over ¥6000.

The lesson here is — don’t put off throwing away what you can throw away today.