Using JavaScript with OmniFocus

I wrote up a few examples of how to use the new JavaScript for Automation in OS X Yosemite with OmniFocus. Here you go. You can see more OmniFocus AppleScripts in my OmniFocus Github repo.

// Here are some examples of using Javascript for Automation with OmniFocus

// Create an inbox task
// Here, we call inboxTasks without parens because we want it as a function to call later
of = Application('OmniFocus')
inbox = of.defaultDocument.inboxTasks
task = of.InboxTask({name: "testing"})

// Delete every inbox task
// Here, we call inboxTasks() with parens so that it returns an array
inbox = of.defaultDocument.inboxTasks()
// Since `delete` is an AppleScript method, not a standard JavaScript method
// we need to call `of.delete`.

  The important thing to remember about working with objects when using
  JavaScript for Automation is to remember that AppleScript objects need
  to be prefaced with the application object first.

Published on October 24, 2014

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