Using JavaScript with OmniFocus

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I wrote up a few examples of how to use the new JavaScript for Automation in OS X Yosemite with OmniFocus. Here you go. You can see more OmniFocus AppleScripts in my OmniFocus Github repo.

// Here are some examples of using Javascript for Automation with OmniFocus

// Create an inbox task
// Here, we call inboxTasks without parens because we want it as a function to call later
of = Application('OmniFocus')
inbox = of.defaultDocument.inboxTasks
task = of.InboxTask({name: "testing"})

// Delete every inbox task
// Here, we call inboxTasks() with parens so that it returns an array
inbox = of.defaultDocument.inboxTasks()
// Since `delete` is an AppleScript method, not a standard JavaScript method
// we need to call `of.delete`.

  The important thing to remember about working with objects when using
  JavaScript for Automation is to remember that AppleScript objects need
  to be prefaced with the application object first.