Tracking Games with OmniFocus

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Games Overview

While most of us have gotten quite good at tracking the things we have to do with OmniFocus, we often struggle with tracking the things we want to do with OmniFocus. I play a lot of video games and over the years have struggled with how to track what to play next using OmniFocus. I have finally found a really good strategy for dealing with video games. This strategy is all about projects and action groups. You can use whatever contexts you like with this. I’ve used one overarching “Games” or “Play” context. I’m currently using each game’s platform as the context. (Xbox One, PS4, PC, etc.) Use whatever contexts you like. The key to my strategy is Long Games and Short Games.

The biggest problem (for me) that I’ve had managing games is that some short games can be played while you’re slogging through longer games. You don’t want to start a second long game before you finish the first long game, but there are many games, like Telltale’s episodic adventure games, or one-off short games like P.T. on PS4 that can be finished in a couple hours and make for a nice change of pace. I’ll leave it to you do decide what constitutes a short game. That’s going to be different for everyone. I think any game that can be finished in a single sitting to be a short game.

Free Time Perspective

So, I have two action groups in my “Play” project. You could make these two separate projects; it doesn’t really matter. One is “Long Games” and the other is “Short Games”. “Long Games” is a sequential project, because I don’t want to have more than one going at a time. If there is a series you’re playing through, it makes sense to group those actions together (also sequentially). “Short Games”, on the other hand, is a parallel project. These games are short and it doesn’t matter what order they are played in. Finally, make a perspective that focuses on your games project. You’ll see all the short games you want to play plus the one long game you’re working on.

While it may not be the perfect strategy for everyone, over the last few months, I’ve found this to be the best strategy for me. Hit me up on Twitter if you have any thoughts.