The Astonishing Aeronaut

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The first bag I ever purchased from Tom Bihn was the Aeronaut (now the Aeronaut 45, along with its little brother the Aeronaut 30). I wanted it because I visit the U.S. once a year and a schlep a bunch of stuff back with me and the Aeronaut is sized to fit the maximum carry-on requirements of most airlines. That way, I can carry all the stuff I accumulate while I’m back in the United States visiting my family. To this day, I’m still amazed by how much fits in there. Most of my trips, I actually have extra room left in the bag.

The main compartment of the Aeronaut is enormous. One big open area that you are to pack however you like. The inside of the compartment has zippered sides which allow you to open up the area more and steal some space from the side pockets. The inside of the main compartment’s flap also boasts a handing zippered mesh pocket good for small odds and ends. The side pockets — same size on both ends — will fit a pair of size 12 shoes. This has come in handy on a number of trips. There aren’t any other pockets. You get three. And that’s fine. It’s a big duffel bag and leaves the organization up to you. Of course, there are O-rings everywhere. You can clip in lots of pouches and compartmentalize as much as possible.