Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase

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The Daylight Briefcase is the cheapest Tom Bihn briefcase-style bag available. It’s a mere $80. While the Cadet is a much more expensive bag, don’t overlook its much cheaper—but surprisingly good—counterpart. One of the biggest reasons I love the DLBC as much as I do is that it can be had in Dyneema, which I love dearly. This makes the DLBC an ultralight bag with lots of organiztional tricks up its sleeve.

The DLBC has a lot of pockets to help you organize your gear. On the front of the bag, there’s a great side-loading pocket that’s perfect for airplane tickets or other small documents. Above that is a zipper that runs the width of the bag and house two equally sized pockets that I use for keeping my pocket Wi-Fi router, assorted cables and my iPhone. On the back of the bag, there’s another wide pocket that is good for more documents or books—assuming they aren’t too bulky. The main compartment in the middle is big enough for a 13-inch Macbook and is Cache ready. There’s a small, unzippered pocket inside this compartment that’s useful for separating documents or accessories. There are also O-rings for attaching organizer pouches.

The only things I don’t like about the DLBC are its handles. It has nylon webbing handles instead of the bulkier ones you’ll find on more expensive Tom Bihn bags. Surely, this was to keep the cost down, but I’d have rather paid a couple bucks more and had nicer handles, because if you do choose to hand-carry the DLBC, the handles can get a little uncomfortable after a little while.

I still think the DLBC is a fantastic briefcase and if you wanna save some cash or just want a lighter briefcase than the Cadet, the DLBC is a great choice.