Tom Bihn Daylight Backpack

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Daylight Backpack

The last bag on my list of Tom Bihn bags to write about is the Daylight Backpack (DLBP). Like its cousin the Daylight Briefcase, it’s cheap, lightweight and lacking a lot of the niceities of its more expensive brethren. That’s not to say it’s a bad bag though. In fact, since I purchased the DLBP, I’ve used it more than all my other previously purchases—and more expensive—backpacks. The main reason being, because it lacks a lot of the heavier parts of the more expensive bags and because it is 99% made of Dyneema, the DLBP is really lightweight.

The DLBP has a diagonal zip on the front of the bag and inside the main compartment, there are two staggered pockets of shallow to medium depth and one main area that goes all the way down the bag. Aaaaaaand that’s it. You’re done. No more organization. The backpack straps are plain nylon webbing. There’s no mesh back panel. No hooks for chest or waist straps. It’s as barebones as it can be. But that’s okay. Because it’s light and if purchased in Dyneema, you can roll it up and stick it inside a larger bag and make it purely a day pack. The lack of bulk and weight, which could only be achieved by removing all the fancy schmancy parts of most Tom Bihn, is key to the DLBP’s utility. Don’t buy it as your only bag. Don’t buy it to be a laptop backpack, because it doesn’t use the Cache/Rails system. But it’s perfect when you need an extra bag just in case you need one, but don’t want to carry another bag because you might not need one. It’s an awesome “backup bag”. And it’s only $80 bucks.