Considered: AppleScript to Wrangle Considered Tasks in OmniFocus

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I wrote another cool little tool using my AppleScript library. It’s called Considered. It also handles things having to do with colons and prefixes, but specifically the Consider: prefix. If you’re unfamiliar with considered tasks, read all about them here. Instead of trying to set task names to something like “Consider reviewing” with the ing, I opted for Kourosh Dini’s prefix-style considered tasks where you just add Consider: as a prefix. It’s simpler and easier to script. Here’s the code (using my OmniFocus library, of course.)

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions
use O : script "omnifocus"
use OmniFocus : application "OmniFocus"

on run
    tell O to toggleConsider(selectedItems())
end run

on handle_string(argv)
    if argv is "set" then
        tell O to setConsider(selectedItems())
    else if argv is "clear" then
        tell O to clearConsider(selectedItems())
    end if
end handle_string

It’s a pretty nifty script that will toggle consider prefixes on and off. It’s set up to accept an argument with LaunchBar (either “set” or “clear”) to flip the considered switch one way or the other no matter what the current state.