The Best of Tom Bihn

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I consider myself somewhat of an expert on Tom Bihn gear. So, here’s my list of choice items to pick up in a few different categories.


If you’re in the market for a “do anything and everything” backpack, I think your best bet is the Synapse 25. It’s the most standard backpack that Tom Bihn sells. It’s roomy, has lots of pockets and it’s comfortable. If you want an ultralight backpack that’s cheap yet durable, the Daylight Backpack is pretty great. Be forewarned, it doesn’t have any padding in the back panel or the straps, but’s it packable in another bag.

Shoulder Bags

If you need a professional-looking bag, the Cadet is slim and handsome. It’s a little stiff in places though and maybe too slim at times. If you need a briefcase but it doesn’t need to look super professional, the Daylight Briefcase is probably a better choice. It’s less expensive and lighter than the Cadet, but still have lots of pockets to organize with. If your desire for a shoulder bag doesn’t require carrying a laptop, the Maker’s Bag is amazing. It’s light, roomy and has a ton of pockets on the inside. Instead of zipping up, it’s got a buckled flap to keep things inside. Even if you don’t think you’d use the Maker’s Bag for work, I would recommend it as a general off-hours bag as well.

Travel Bags

If you’re travelling alone for 1–2 days or overnight for 2 people, the Aeronaut 30 is perfect. If you’re travelling by yourself for more than 2 nights or with another person for more than 1 night, you’d probably be better off with the Aeronaut 45.