OmniFocus and Siri on iOS 11

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For a long time, OmniFocus on iOS had this weird (but useful) ability to suck in tasks from the iOS Reminders app and import them into OmniFocus. With the release of iOS 11, you can directly import things into OmniFocus using Siri. For example, “Add a task called ‘bananas’ in OmniFocus”, will dump a task called “bananas” in the inbox. You can use dates to add due dates, and it’s aware of context and projects, but you have to use Reminders’ word “list” when talking about projects and contexts are handled with “when I get home” and the like. It still can’t do anything with defer dates, which is disappointing, because I think most advanced OmniFocus users are using lots of defer dates with flags instead of due dates. Also, Siri is still kind of dumb and can’t understand you sometimes—which leads to misunderstandings and incorrect words. If you have a project called “Groceries” and Siri picks up “Grocery”, well, you’re SOL. And this happens all the time. My biggest complaint is that all this stuff doesn’t work through the Apple Watch—which is how I want to use this voice-controlled stuff. If you try this fancy OmniFocus import stuff on the watch, Continue on iPhone. Only, pulling up the iPhone doesn’t seem to do anything. No handoff, as far as I’ve seen. If I had my iPhone out, I’d just type in all this stuff or use the myriad of Drafts actions or Workflow workflows that I’ve built. The one time I want to use voice-only, is on the watch. Now, none of these issues may be anything that the OmniGroup can change. It may just be how the new Siri integration works. But, it sucks. It’s kinda useless and it’s disappointing. I had hoped for more.