Pixelsnatch: Issue #1

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Interesting Nuances in HTML

By using preprocessor languages like Markdown, we lose the nuance of these things. Sure—you can use HTML tags in Markdown—but the point of Markdown is to avoid doing that, so if you’re just going to add a bunch of HTML tags in your Markdown documents, what’s the point of writing in Markdown?

JavaScript for Automation

Seeing how much JXA has come along the last few years is making me want to reconvert the OmniFocus Library back into JavaScript (which it was originally written in).

currentColor allows for some nifty theming

I went down the currentColor rabbit hole after getting into CSS variables. I don’t think I’ll use currentColor a lot, but it’s nice to know about.

Frontend Nagoya

I went to a fun event called Frontend Nagoya on 2018-01-27. It was a nice afternoon. I heard a few interesting talks, bumped into an old friend from nearly a decade ago and met a lot of nice new people.

Drafts vs. OmniFocus on the Apple Watch

I’m a die-hard OmniFocus user—even if sometimes I flirt with the idea of using TaskPaper—but I’ve taken OmniFocus out of my Apple Watch complications and replaced it with Drafts. I don’t want to be doing task management from the watch—I want to be doing quick-capture—which Drafts is just better at. If only there was a Drafts for macOS…

Interesting Finds