Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase


The Daylight Briefcase is the cheapest Tom Bihn briefcase-style bag available. It’s a mere $80. While the Cadet is a much more expensive bag, don’t overlook its much cheaper—but surprisingly good—counterpart. One of the biggest reasons I love the DLBC as much as I do is that it can be had in Dyneema, which I love dearly. This makes the DLBC an ultralight bag with lots of organiztional tricks up its sleeve.

The DLBC has a lot of pockets to help you organize your gear. On the front of the bag...

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The Tom Bihn Cadet

Tom Bihn Cadet

The Tom Bihn Cadet is the best briefcase I’ve ever used. The reason it’s so great is that it’s slim. Most briefcases are far too fat for my tastes. While this means you can’t always carry as much as you might expect you should be able to after owning almost any other briefcase on the market, it will force you to cut back on what you carry and possibly reevaluate what you’re carrying to work on a daily basis. If you’re only looking to carry your laptop, a few files and some basic essentials ...

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What I Learned in 2015

Well, it’s 2016, and it’s time to share all the things I learned in 2015. I recorded all these things using my Ruby gem nikki. It lets you record one thing you learned everyday.

There’s going to be a remake of Kickboxer in 2015.
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.
Mario Cuomo died on New Years Day this year.
Emperor Justinian was inflicted by the bubonic plague.
Kraken Rum is imported by a company in Lawrenceburg, Indiana...
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Dealing with Waiting in OmniFocus

I’ve been rereading Kourosh Dini’s Creating Flow With OmniFocus and I was thinking about his TextExpander snippets that create task titles like:

(2015-11-19 → CALL) Waiting for response from Ken Case

I wanted to automate the process of creating these tasks, so with a little bit of AppleScript(JXA) I’ve got the process of taking a task like:

Call Ken Case

…and turned it into this:

(2015-11-19 → CALL) Waiting for response from Ken Case

…with its context set to “Waiting”.

Here’s the script...

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The Western Flyer

The Western Flyer occupies a weird space in the Tom Bihn product line. It’s not a member of the Aeronaut line, which I believe Tom Bihn is most known for, it’s the same size as a few of Tom Bihn’s backpacks (coming in at 26 liters in capacity) and it’s not as big as the flagship travel bag, the Tri-Star. It’s a mid-sized travel bag that has a layout similar to the Tri-Star with the same capacity as a Smart Alec. It looks like a briefcase and yet you can hand-carry it, sling it over your shoulder...

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